A Note About AAA

First off, what you're seeing are design files, because we present concepts to them, they approve, and then they take those design files from us and do whatever it is they do with our design files. Secondly, AAA is silo'd off into all of its components. We present to different people when we do AAA Roadside, AAA Travel, AAA Discounts & Rewards, and on and on into infinity but not really because infinity is too long. The point is, you're going to see different looks, because they are very different projects, but it's all real work. I guess I could have just said that to begin with. Enjoy.


AAA Car Care Centers : AAA wanted us to make more people aware that they have repair shops ("AAA Car Care Centers"). This is what we came up with, and they approved. 


Table Topper. 1,600 words. One sentence. Showing all the many, many ways AAA helps people on the road of life. (Sorry for the multiple designs)


General Media Blitz: AAA had some money left over at the end of 2016 and told us to come up with a bunch of things on the cheap, so we came up with social, OOH, and radio for roadside assistance that was specific to the states they were running in. AAA recorded all the radio. I don't have it. So just say these lines out loud with, "Visit Triple-A dot com today!" and it'll be the same thing. 

Group Creative Director: Brian MacDonald

Creative Director: Travis Ludwig

Creative Director: Brendan McGann

Designer: Austin Lotz

Designer: Justin Miller